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Contemporary performing arts association
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artistic director
Bojan Jablanovec
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phone: +386 41 389 284

managing director
Špela Trošt
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phone: +386 51 360 735

public relations
Sara Horžen
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Via Negativa
Na Peči 12
1000 Ljubljana

Registration number: 1677314
VAT / TAX number: SI71858253
Bank: Abanka Vipa d.d. Ljubljana
IBAN: SI 56 051008010573865

VN Lab works



The work follows the method of self-staging we’ve developed on the basis of a 10-year creative practice and on experience from giving numerous workshops at home and abroad.

At the beginning, we set the working theme and outline what the theme is (could be) about. Each performer contemplates on what especially interests or fascinates or thrills him about the proposed theme and tries to find his performing idea within the set frame. We do not discuss these ideas in advance. Then we run through following working phases:


When the performer discovers his performing idea, situation, problem, action, story… he performs it for the rest of participants. In his presentation, the performer is completely independent and free: he can use all performing techniques: dance, speech, music, acting, physical action, video… And he can combine them at will. No restrictions.


After each presentation, all participants have to make comments on what was shown: what they could understand and what they couldn’t, what kinds of emotions and associations the scene evoked in them, what they liked (and why), what they disliked (and why), what was predictable and what was surprising, etc. The task of the performer is to listen and to restrain themself from explaining or defending the presented idea. The logic behind this is that the performer should establish for themself the difference between what they wanted to show, and what the others saw – and to make their own conclusions as to what and why something works or not. Which comments/ideas/suggestions they are or are not going to consider, the performer decides for themself.


On the bases of these conclusions, the performer prepares their next scene – they rework the starting idea (or try something completely new) – and test their new approach at the next review. This simple procedure (presentation – feedback – rework) is repeated until their performance no longer persuades the others (the current audience) with it’s content/execution, and until, for them (the maker), the effect of their performance is no longer in correlation to their idea/statement.

The VN Lab’s main goal is to trigger your creative potential.

In the first place, the VN Lab is a thinking process that helps you to become aware of your creative potentials and limits. We do not teach acting techniques – you will have to rely on your imagination, intuition, presence, energy, experience… Based on this you can develop your own working and performing strategy and sharpen your relationship towards contemporary performing arts.

Everything we do, we do because of the wish to perform.

Work in the VN Lab always leads you toward performance. There are different possibilities for extending your VN Lab work – of course, if you create promising material or develop an interesting performing strategy:

  • You might be invited to join a forthcoming project of Via Negativa’s.
  • You might be offered to develop a project produced by Via Negativa.
  • You can use VN Lab material as a starting point for a future project of your own…