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Performers seduce viewers to participate in the show on lust. Viewers must accept the responsibility for the course of performance or show will be stopped.

Would Would Not can take the course only with an active collaboration of the audience – it depends on viewer’s readiness to participate in the scenes on the stage and to accept the responsibility for the course of the performance. It starts with champaigne and strawberries at the Casting Party, where performers make verbal and physical contact with viewers. They ask questions like: “Would you lick honey off my body? Would you let me touch your penis? Would you please spank me? Would you like to see my penis?” Once the casting party is over, both performers and viewers sit together in the auditorium and The Play begins.

“Two hours of sensational delight. An original and significant manifestation of modern theater that remains true to its origins.”
(DELO LJUBLJANA, 20.12.05)

“Would Would Not imposes viewer a responsibility upon the viewer for the execution of this carefully structured open piece.”


Conceived and devised by the group
Performers: Kristian Al Droubi, Barbara Kukovec, Marko Mandić, Barbara Matijević, Sanela Milošević, Katarina Stegnar, Petra Zanki, Grega Zorc (Silvia Marchig, Branko Jordan)
Concept and direction: Bojan Jablanovec
Production manager: Špela Trošt

Production: Via Negativa, 2005
Co-production: Gledališče Glej Ljubljana, EkS-scena Zagreb
Support: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and the city of Ljubljana
Premiere: 18 December 2005, The Old Power Station Ljubljana


The workshop took place in Zagreb. Production titled “I Would. Would You?” had been presented on 21 JUN 2005 at &TD Theatre Zagreb. Performers: Barbara Kukovec, Barbara Matijević, Silvia Marchig, Sanela Milošević, Petra Zanki, Kristian Al Droubi, Damir Šaban.


Barbara Orel: Behind the Back of the Eye
A fragment from the essay The Configuration of Perception in Modern Slovenian Theatre, Maska, Transformacije, Ljubljana, 2006

Blaž Lukan: The Third Body
About Marko Mandić in Would Would Not, Delo Ljubljana, 27 December 2005

Marina Apollonio: Se di sesso si deve parlare anche a…
Gradisca d’Isonzo, 18. September 2006

(…) From the reception, laid out as a real party, the versed actors (directed by Bojan Jablanovec), seek the audience’s attention and step by step make them deconstruct themselves in ways they could not even imagine when entering the venue. (…)

Barbara Orel: Faces of lust
Dnevnik Ljubljana 27. December 2005

(…) The intention is less in the demonstration of what is shocking than in an investigation of the dynamics of relationships among those present. Lust is merely a starting point for a study of a process of perception and a relationship between the visible – demonstrated event and the invisible – image triggered in the viewer. Would Would Not does not conform to the expectations of the ‘classical’ viewer as it imposes a responsibility upon the viewer for the execution of this carefully structured open piece. At the same time, it extends an exceptional opportunity for the viewer to personally experience the fundamental issue of performing arts. (…)

Blaž Lukan: Would a bit, but also wouldn’t
Delo Ljubljana, 20. December 2005

(…) In Would Would Not, the border theme that is part of the Via Negativa project manifesto – the research of acting as such, is perhaps clearest so far. An example is the scene in which Marko Mandić attempts to ejaculate on stage but fails – both as the “role” and as “Marko Mandić”, meaning that the stage itself or rather the presence of an audience is the main obstacle preventing him from expressing his “ejaculatory” role as something that really “is”, something he can’t control, his reason and something larger than himself. (…)