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Contemporary performing arts association

artistic director
Bojan Jablanovec
phone: +386 41 389 284

managing director
Špela Trošt
phone: +386 51 360 735

public relations
Sara Horžen
phone: +386 41 590 872

Via Negativa
Na Peči 12
1000 Ljubljana

Registration number: 1677314
VAT / TAX number: SI71858253
Bank: Abanka Vipa d.d. Ljubljana
IBAN: SI 56 051008010573865




Performers use the entrance fee money as material for performance

The performance stops the usual circulation of money to help performers create a personal relation to money instead of a trading one. Katarina Stegnar (performance fragment): “Let’s take a look at the present situation: you know exactly, what you want for your money. You know exactly that your’re not letting yourself be fooled. That you’re not buying any kind of bullshit. You know exactly why you are here. You want: something beautiful, something artistic, something new, something different, something shocking, something sexual, a new interpretation, a new fascination, a new vision… You want an artistic experience. That’s why you are here. And I’m here, so it’s worth while.”

”An absolute manner for how to be on display. This performance, with its investigations, tests the limits, and not just the theatrical ones.”
(GAZZETTA DI PARMA, October 2005)

“Uncompromising attitude, which with its clear concept and lucid (self) reflection always guarantees an inspiring evening.”


Conceived and devised by the group
Performers: Kristian Al Droubi, Petra Govc, Jaka Lah, Sanela Milošević, Mateja Pucko, Matej Recer, Katarina Stegnar, Grega Zorc
Concept and direction: Bojan Jablanovec
Production manager: Špela Trošt

Production: Via Negativa, 2004
Co-production: Glej Theatre Ljubljana, Cultural Centre Novi Sad (Serbia)
Support: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana
Premiere: 19 December 2004, Glej Theatre Ljubljana
Award: Special jury award on 11th INFANT international festival Novi Sad, 2005


The workshop took place in Novi Sad. Production titled “You Know What You Want for Your Money” has been presented on 2 JUL 2004 at INFANT Festival. Performers: Sanela Milošević, Višnja Obradović, Kristian Al Droubi.


Marina Gržinić: Rearticulation of the history of performance art
Maska Ljubljana, XX/92-93, 2005

Piersandra di Matteo: Via Negativa / Incasso
Artteatro contaminazioni, Exibart 18. 4. 2006

(…) If the modern spectacle resorting to decoupage and multimedia hybridism accustomed us to visual provocation, eastern theatre tells us anew how to avoid the stage illusion by employing the bona fide power of stage elements that is in the function of reduction to the minimal theatrical gesture. This particularly holds true for the young Slovenian formation Via Negativa which studies the foundations of theatricality and combines performative post-dramatic strategies with traditional stage conventions. (…)

Valeria Ottolenghi: L’odore dei soldi alla kermesse del Lenz
Gazzetta di Parma, October 2005

(…)This performance, with its investigations, tests the limits, and not just the theatrical ones. It incites laughter and entices smiles. At the same time it brings to awareness the straightforward anxiety that precedes the actual discovery of how very hard it is to live off the creation of art. An old problem, everlasting, and seemingly unsolvable. (…)

Ana Perne: Money as stage material
Finance Ljubljana, 21. 12. 2004

(…) The theatrical research of the lust for money, which simultaneously deals with a financial side of the artist and the artefact, is in the so far existing process of Jablanovec’s project the most complete, thought over in the presentation of themes extremely bold in its staging, yet throughout presenting reasons for its actions. (…)

Blaž Lukan: Nataša and Katarina
Delo Ljubljana 29. 12. 2004

(…) In this amusingly-painful vivisection of one of seven deadly sins, greed, Katarina Stegnar exposes herself – according to the merciless logic of the performance – completely (we could say to the very “blood”) before the spectator and asks him a series of fundamental questions, because of which he suddenly finds himself more naked than she is. (…)

Petra Pogorevc: Staging edges
Sodobnost Ljubljana, no. 1, 2005

(…) Upon entering the theatre, every viewer hands an arbitrary sum of money to Špela Trošt. Banknotes and coins, Tolars and foreign currency even tokens and buttons all go into the cash box in front of her. She then arranges it all, counts it, announces the sum total to the audience and then leaves the total to the performers. These then come onto the set and reach into the till and the bills and coins are subjected to a process that inspectors and lawyers would probably deem arrogant madness or criminal: in most cases the money will be damaged or destroyed, yet will gain a new meaning or worth by participating in the artistic process. Matej Recer ponders his obsession with expensive hobbies for which he has “burnt” huge sums of money: this aged metaphor then receives a literal rendition. Sanela Milošević cleans a bill with cotton wool and alcohol and, having been taught that notes carry germ and disease at home, puts it into her vagina to avoid bacteria. Petra Govc narrates a story of greed brought upon by splitting up a house. To keep her share from her sister, she defiantly marks a pile of bills with urine: “never mind how it looks, it’s the principle that counts.” Mateja Pucko describes a man she only loves for the money; while stuffing her mouth full of bills and coins, saying her wedding vows to the people depicted on them. The performance closes in the spirit of the sale of the burnt, salivated on, torn and urine covered artifacts that the performers bring to the stage in plastic bags, autograph and launch onto the market. (…)