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Last Rehearsal for The Generation






Although both producers operate in a completely different production bases and pursue different artistic goals, the point of our collaboration was not to find a common language, but to identify our joint traumatic core. Irrespective of whether we are talking about national institutions or independent artists we all share the same feeling that we are hostages of a democratic culture to which we do not belong and the future we do not want – in one word: hostages of politics. All of us, who have dealings with art in Slovenia, have been made hostage of some kind of ‘national cultural politics’ and its phantasmagorical ‘cultural market’ with which none of us can identify. We live in a culture of hostages.

The actors of National Theatre perform as parts, the performers of Via Negativa as their authors. Last Rehearsal for the Generation is not an attack mounted by “the non-institutional excessive madness” on the “aesthetically refined institution” – the performance enacts the impotence of both; the impotence of a part to represent its author and the powerlessness of the author to embody his/her own idea. This irresolvable relationship has always existed and is not merely confined to art. An idea holds the potential of a break-through only if it totally radicalizes its relationship to reality; a break-through can only be the result of a brutal confrontation – not cultural dialogue, not national consciousness, not public good, not democratic values. The only thing that can yank us out of this romantic position of powerless hostages is more barbarism and less culture.


Conceived by Bojan Jablanovec, Katarina Stegnar, Marko Mandić, Grega Zorc
Concept, text, direction and set: Bojan Jablanovec
Actors: Veronika Drolc, Boris Mihalj, Matija Rozman
Performers: Katarina Stegnar, Marko Mandić, Grega Zorc
Music: Tomaž Grom
Costumes: Mateja Benedetti
Light design: Vlado Glavan
Prompter: Sonja Povšič
Network video streaming: Slavko Glamočanin
Producer: Špela Trošt

Produced by Slovene National Theatre (SNG) Ljubljana and Via Negativa in the frame of the program of “Mala drama” SNG Ljubljana with the support of Ministry of Culture of RS and the City of Ljubljana
Premiere: 17. January 2014, Mala drama SNG Drama Ljubljana
Duration: 80 minutes

Art terrorists and their enemy – culture!
Delo Ljubljana, 17 January 2014, Jela Krečič

It is not often the case that the press conference prior to the performance is in itself an artistic event. Last Rehearsal for The Generation in the series of Via Negativa productions of director Bojan Jablanovec, which is going to be premiered tonight on the small stage of the Slovene National Theater (SNG Drama), received precisely such a robust, manifestative and enigmatic overture (…)

Last Rehearsal for The Generation
Delo Ljubljana, 29 Januay 2014, Zala Dobovšek

(…) The key, indeed central, dimension of the project Last Rehearsal for the Generation lies in its location, or so it seems. “The joint cultural revolt” of the main national theatre (SNG Drama Ljubljana) and “alternative” theatre (Via Negativa) takes place in Mala drama, a space normally not associated with such “transgressive” acts. Still, the gesture is not all that radical really; after all, the project is not included as part of any given annual repertoire; no one will be obliged to see it and neither will it be “foisted” upon those who should indeed see it. (…)

Which culture do we belong to?, 22 January 2014, Helena Čehovin Gerželj

(…) The performative form of theatre is gathering momentum in its opposition to standard institutional theatrical practices and in Slovenia it still offers something fresh and unknown to the wider audience. For the most part the spectator of the performance does not seat in the darkened venue, watching the show, but takes an active part in it. Indeed, as a spectator, s/he is to an extent responsible for the way the performance unfolds. The role of the performers is to completely strip themselves bare. The role is therefore not a role; the performer is here in their own person, confronting things, today and now, in a broader or momentary sense. (…)

Cultured swallowing of crap
Dnevnik Ljubljana, 22 January 2014, Gregor Butala, Nika Leskovšek

Generations’s Last Rehearsal: a settling of accounts between “independent artists” and their grotesque replicants from the “institutionalized” future is primarily a direct confrontation with the current cultural politics. (…)

The minute you reach a consensus with the spectator, as an artist, you have to break it
Dnevnik Ljubljana, 17 January 2014, Ana Schnabl, interview with Bojan Jablanovec

Whoever follows what is going on in the theatre more closely must have come across the independent producer of performing arts, the project Via Negativa, whose guiding light and connective tissue is director Bojan Jablanovec, an artist of considerable oppositional passion.  »Institutionalization of art is an unseemly, rude and mindless business. The artist can only ever be an institution in his or her own right,” thinks Bojan Jablanovec. (…)

A duel between conventionalism and enlightenment, 21 January 2014, Igor Đukić