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Contemporary performing arts association
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artistic director
Bojan Jablanovec
[email protected]
phone: +386 41 389 284

managing director
Špela Trošt
[email protected]
phone: +386 51 360 735

public relations
Sara Horžen
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phone: +386 41 590 872

Via Negativa
Na Peči 12
1000 Ljubljana

Registration number: 1677314
VAT / TAX number: SI71858253
Bank: Abanka Vipa d.d. Ljubljana
IBAN: SI 56 051008010573865

Articles & Interviews


(VN) Degradation Strategies

Interview with Bojan Jablanovec / Radio Študent, 13 February 2017

The Rupture that Shakes the Institution: The Mute Character in the Utopia of Performance

Nenad Jelesijević on Last Rehearsal for the Generation / Amfiteater, letn. 4, št. 2 (2016), str. 36-52

Via Negativa: l’inextricable en tant que symptôme performatif

Blaž Lukan, Théâtre Public n°222 – Scènes en transition – Balkans et Grèce, October 2016


Tomaž Krpič, Performance Research, Volume 21, 2016

Manipulations for real values

Péter Tasnády-Sáhy, interview with Bojan Jablanovec about Manipulations, TESZT Festival blog, Timisoara, 23. May 2015

The minute you reach a consensus with the spectator, as an artist, you have to break it

Ana Schnabl, interview with B. Jablanovec about Last Rehearsal for the Generation, Dnevnik Ljubljana, 17 January 2014

No country for Slovenes

Artner Sisso, Via Negativa on Desiré Festival, Magyar Narancs, 19. December 2013

Brakes, no brakes

Bence Bíró, Via Negativa on Desiré Festival,, 4 December 2013

Hermes three times

Lilla Proics, Via Negativa on the Thealter Festival,, October 2013

Excess as an artistic form of expression

Patricija Maličev, Sobotna priloga, Delo Ljubljana, 5 January 2013

Via Negativa – 10 years

Zala Dobovšek, Delo Ljubljana, 17. december 2012

When you know why you are on the stage, the spectator also knows why

Tanja Cirman, interview with N. Živković about Still Life
, Delo Ljubljana, 14 December 2012

The backside of the voting body is red-hot from all the slapping

Maja Čakarić, interview with B. Jablanovec about Just the Beginning, Delo Ljubljana, 13 November 2012

Neoliberal crisis reduces art to a business activity

Dina Jokanović, interview with B. Jablanovec, BCC, issue 8, November 2012

The actor and his presence

Primož Jesenko, about MandićMachine, Eurozine, 28 August 2012

Why and What to perform?

Bojan Jablanovec,, portal of the Slovenian theater, 3 January 2012

The Spectator’s Performing Body: the Case of the Via Negativa Theatre Project

Tomaž Krpič, New Theatre Quarterly, May 2011

For me creation starts from the frustration of not-knowing what to do

Markéta Faustová, interview with B. Jablanovec, Dance Zone Prague, 9 February 2011

Simulation (of Illness) as a Performance Strategy, Death as Fleetingness and Sense Perception as an Arbitrary Location of the Real

Anja Bajda about Drop Dead, Maska Ljubljana, No. 135-136, winter 2010

Via Negativa

Irmela Kästner, Tanz, November 2010

Value for your money

Liv Laveyne, interview with B. Jablanovec about Incasso, De Morgen Antwerp, 2010

Oštri udarci tupih pera

Ivan Kralj o Balkanski zvezi,, 18. avgust 2009

»Urinating On The HNK Was Necessary« The Seven Deadly Sins of Bojan Jablanovec

Patricija Maličev, interview with B. Jablanovec, Delo Ljubljana, 2007

Serbs and Croats Like Cain and Abel

Jelena Vukmirović, interview with B. Jablanovec about Not Like Me, Evropa, Belgrade, 2007

Via Negativa – Experimental Performance

Ariana Ferfila, Radio Študent Ljubljana, 2007

In Memoriam: Eurokaz(i)

Nataša Govedić on Viva Verdi at Eurokaz Festival, Zarez Zagreb, 2006

Behind the Back of the Eye

Barbara Orel about Would Would Not, Maska, Transformacije, 2006

The Real in Jablanovec. Eight Projects, Eight Observations

Blaž Lukan, Maska Transformacije, Ljubljana, 2006

The Third Body

Blaž Lukan about Marko Mandić in Would Would Not, Delo Ljubljana, 27 December 2005

“I See Theatre, Above All, as a Sphere of Communication, not as a Medium of Aestheticisation”

Andreja Kopač, interview with B. Jablanovec, Maska Ljubljana, 2005

Rearticulation of the History of Performance Art

Marina Gržinič about Incasso, Maska Ljubljana, XX/92-93, summer 2005

Performing Gluttony, Via Negativa: More

Mojca Puncer, essay on performance More, Maska Ljubljana, XIX/5-6 (88-89), winter 2004

The Gallery Anti-path

Primož Jesenko, essay about the Starting Point Anger, unpublished, Ljubljana 2003